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Friday, January 11, 2013

Growing Big

Assalamualaikum wbt

To be loved by someone has always been desired by human.
But to love themselves has always been an issue to human.

To have someone special shines their days has always been longed by human.
But to put parents, family in the heart has always been a crisis to human.

And top of all, to put Allah above all has always been the greatest challenging thing. Yet this is the sweetest love among loves. Not ordinary people can taste it. We must not want to be left out right ?

Come on all, open up your heart, and let His love flows in. Let us sip His love. Let His Book speaks to us. Let His Bless shines our life. Let His love grows in our heart. Growing big and big.

"Jika kita tak curi masa untuk Dia, jangan menyesal bila Dia tak pandang kita di akhirat kelak."

Norhasanah Abu Bakar
2:56 am; Jan 12 2013; Sat

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