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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Standing on Stage of World

He saw paths.
One lead to the Woods, and other lead to Waterfall.
He stood there...for a long time.
Thinking what best he would has for either one of them.
His mind twisted with many questions.
Do I need to choose? How about take both of them? Or How about running away?
He heard different versions but same essence of stories from passagers-by he met on that road.
Telling him " Life would be fun if you live your life happily, do things happily, cherish every moment happily and be happy of what you've got. Only then you shall gain the so-called completeness of life ".
That's  called the pursuit of happyness.
But these paths still not getting  out of him. Blank to choose. Numb to step in. Fear to face.
"Brace it with manly, wisdom and great willpower, Jack. ". Out of blue, a voice whisper in his ears.
And now he  is making his way to what he had have set in his mind. 
He will always hold on to it. Always     h o l d     o n           t o                    i t   !

-n o r h a s a n a h-

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