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Saturday, October 22, 2011


Salam guys.

Here are some of pictures that amazed me. I got them while surfing the net, some of them also I got from blogs/sites from group of artists, designers, photographers and etc. They artworks amazed me and they are many actually but I've lost the sources. It is hard to track back anyway. I also inserted the credits for who knows you wanna check out their arts. So enjoy!!!

"The Black Shirt Circle". Designed by Umar Mita, Malaysian student of The One Academy. I found this in his fb profile,as soon as I had my eyes on this, I just felt so amazed and cant described other words. Idk I just liked it. Click here to see his sites.  

"War". Image by yardieLion. I found this in deviantART. This symbolizes about  what effects War brings to  Human, Earth and Nature. Click here for more mesmerizing images.

The sky is an omen,
A dark, sullen red,
Foretelling a battle,
And blood to be shed.

Green tree in gold field,
Its leaves fresh and young,
This place doesn’t know yet:
A war has begun.

Brave soldiers, bright warriors,
They’ll fight to the end,
The land and their fellows
With steel they’ll rend.

The breeze brings the tidings,
And leaves shake with fear;
The cries of the wounded
They suddenly hear.

For honor and glory,
For King’s pride and greed,
For a small strip of land,
For a knight’s holy creed.

The cause does not matter
To the tree as it burns,
To the once peaceful field
By horses’ hooves churned.

Men turn to foul deeds,
Golden fields to mud,
When the wind bears ill news,
And the sky's soaked with blood.

"The Last One".  Image by mjagiellicz. Another tree for you!! 

"Black and White". Image by Sanctus87. Click here 

"This house is full of noise". Image by Itaylie. Click here

I won't let you go
where there's rivers or townfolks
I won't let you see 'cause you're safe here
safe here with me

Portrait of Johnny Depp by Igor Kazarin. He painted using dry brush and  check out  the speed painting videos of the portraits, click here

And that's all, Assalamualaikum wbt

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