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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Quests of abstract feelings

Mankind is to be born with feelings. Something that can be categorized as abstracts.

A quest to find the answer of these undefined/inconstant/ and unique stuffs will never be ended.

...ago, now and present...


Many philosophers wanted to state an exactly meaning of love but ended up with so many philosophies.

There are many arguments about that.
And lastly, they conclude this simple quote.

"Love is a subjective issue" 

So does with the term Beautiful.


I ain't talking about Beautiful, but talking about topic that I am sure every human on this earth is eager ed most. 

That is LOVE.

"Ahhh what is all about love, man? Dont you have something more important to talk about?Why do you take it as a serious matter?"

Give a damn life to you. Open your eyes, dude. Dont push love from your life. Love

itself has something BIGGER than what you think it is all about. It is holy Gift from our Creator, Allah SWT.

You wanted to know why? Ok, I'll tell you.

Without LOVE, you're nothing. 

Without LOVE from Allah, you will never be on this Earth, you'll never be born as human. A human whose has given Ruh, Nafs and Aqal.

Without LOVE from Allah, you will never get all the ni'mat and special abilities/traits and properties that you have now. It maybe will stay as dreams and you'll keep on dreaming. Indeed, be thankful to Allah, my brothers and sisters.

Without LOVE from parents, for sure you are not here. They can throw you away, send you to the charity center, or maybe kill you and let dogs have you *like what happens nowadays* as soon as they had you. Isn't it TRAGIC? Luckily you weren't. 

Without LOVE from friends, you'll be alone in this world. All the ladder of success you've obtained will stay as dreams and will never be turned into reality. Success without FRIENDS will not stay for long.  I am guaranteed.


Without LOVE from your partner *marital relationship*, you will find out your heart is 
empty, your life is dull and your soul is dead. * IS IT TOO DRAMATIC??I CAN'T THINK OTHER WORDS*

The Quran says :

"And among His signs is this, that He created for you mates from among yourselves, that you may dwell in tranquility with them, and He has put love and mercy between your hearts. Undoubtedly in these are signs for those who reflect." [Noble Quran 30:21]

For girls who havent married yet, this is my few words for you my lovely ladies :

Cukup cintai dalam diam
bukan kerana membenci hadirnya
tetapi menjaga kesuciannya
bukan kerana menghindari dunia
tetapi meraih syurga-NYA
bukan kerana lemah untuk menghadapinya
tetapi menguatkan jiwa dari godaan syaitan yang begitu halus & menyelusup

For boys this is my words for you with deep in our hearts. You are our Imam, Leaders and you are the Captain Of Marital Ship, once failed  will gonna lead to Downfall. : 

If you really love her, you won’t touch her. 
Not even the slightest bit.
You’ll protect her dignity and sacredness as a muslimah.
Just hold her in your heart for a few more years ..
then you can do it the halal way...

My last words to you. Do not ever ever push Love away from you. Love is not wrong. But YOU, WE put dirt in Love with all the Maksiat thingy. We makes something as pure as this with dishonorable way. Keep faith in Allah. He hears our calls, duas and He knows BEST!!!


Jazakaallah khairan kathiran.

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